We are each different, but our name is the same...Mama. 

The moment my son, Max, was placed in my arms, I knew life was never going to be the same. The combination of boundless love™ and responsibility for this new life overtook and redefined me.

When Max started calling me “ma ma ma” my new name! I felt an instant connection to the countless mothers who had come before me and sensed a strong bond with new mothers everywhere. It was this universal connection that inspired me to create a new symbol for motherhood: The Mama Necklace™. With its signature infinity “mama” script, Mama jewelry celebrates the eternal romance and power of motherhood.

Perceptions of motherhood are shifting, both the way mothers are seen and how they see themselves. Women everywhere are referring to themselves as "Mama." It is not only what babies universally say, but also “Mama” is a badge of honor, which symbolizes that women can “have everything”™. It stands for solidarity and unity. We may all be different, our love, journeys, and families may not look alike, but universally, our name is Mama™.

We hope you will wear your Mama jewelry proudly, as a token of your love, strength, and accomplishment in being someone who gives life both in body and in spirit.